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If your mission is to travel the world like a globetrotting spy, you need to do it properly. That means style, sophistication and a heck of a lot of champagne. Sleek, sexy and stylish, Thompson Belgraves in London is a boutique hotel definitely worthy of a visit from James Bond. Join me as I bunker down for a night in paradise. 

*Updade: Thompson Belgraves has since rebranded as The Hari*

Sleek, sexy and stylish, Thompson Belgraves is a boutique hotel worthy of a visit from James Bond. Surrounded by foreign embassies in Belgravia, it blends traditional British hospitality with a more bohemian attitude.

The result is a chic and seductive oasis which radiates personality and charm.

Walking through Belgravia on my way to the hotel, I feel like I’ve stumbled into a period drama. Located just off Belgrave Square, Thompson Belgraves is surrounded by very grand and imposing white stuccoed buildings and I actually wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a horse and carriage go past. 

Stepping into the hotel, it feels a world away from the area I was just strolling through. Street lights and traffic noises are replaced by subdued lighting, lounge music and a raging gas fireplace, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Bobbing along to the elevator music as I head to the ninth floor, I begin to wonder what my room will be like. So far the decor has been an eclectic assortment of textured furnishings, mirrored hallways, and cowhides. Will my room be the same?

I throw open the door, and my jaw drops. This suite has some serious WOW factor.

Photo: Thompson Belgraves
Photo: Thompson Belgraves

There are so many textural elements to this room that on paper it just shouldn’t work, but it does – so well. Rich timber panelling on the walls, a sexy red velvet lounge in the window bay, white leather ottoman at the foot of the bed, cow hide on the floor… it’s the kind of retro chic that has become synonymous with the world of James Bond. All I need is a martini and I’ll be a happy man.

I swing open the wardrobe, and greeting me is a pre-made espresso martini in a bottle. There’s also a small bottle of Glenmorangie scotch whiskey, plus a few other selected pre-mix cocktails. Peering through the mini bar to find what other goodies lurk inside, I spot a rather unexpected addition – a Coco De Mer ‘intimacy kit’, complete with blindfold and personal massager. I’ll think I’ll leave that where it is.

On the far side of the bed, there’s a small desk with a single white orchid. Outside the window is a gorgeous view over the rooftops of surrounding homes.

Photo: Thompson Belgraves
Photo: Thompson Belgraves

Behind the door to my left hides a lavish marble bathroom. A deep bathtub sits beneath the window and looks out over a park opposite. It’s beautiful, but I’ll need to make sure I close the curtains before stripping off. The location is a little exposed.

The eclectic decor has given the room a chic and refined look, but it feels authentic – unlike those hotels that just seem to try too hard. I’m only staying at the hotel for the one night, but I wish it was a bit longer.

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