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Sweet Dream(liner)s are made like this

Ever wondered how Boeing manufactures their colossal 787-9 Dreamliner? Me too. To finally put an end to that wonder, the team at British Airways has released a video to shed a little light on the subject.

Scoot Dreamliners take to the skies

Singapore-based budget airline Scoot has made history as the first airline in the world to offer an all Dreamliner fleet, taking delivery of it’s seventh Boeing 787 Dreamliner earlier this month. Scoot CEO, Campbell Wilson says since deploying...

Airbus reveals new ‘budget economy’ seating

Just when you thought economy class travel couldn't get any more uncomfortable, Airbus has thrown a spanner in the works, revealing plans for a proposed new “budget economy” class on board its A380 aircraft. 

Boeing reveals patent for upright sleeper

I can’t sleep on planes. I’ve tried sleeping with my head against the seat in front, sprawled out on my tray table, leaning on the passenger beside me… but unless the sleep gods are smiling on me that day, it doesn’t happen. It would seem the...

Flight Review: Scoot 777-200 Gold Coast to Singapore, ScootBiz

Low cost air travel is an ordinary part of life these days. Travellers are accustomed to cheap seats, cheap service and cheap food that resembles something left in the fridge for a week… but it seems not all low-cost carriers are created equal. Join...