TripAdvisor Relaunch Wants to Make Travel More Social

TripAdvisor, the world’s most trusted reviews site, has officially taken the plunge into the world of social media with a complete transformation of its offering – and it’s now live!

More than just a platform to share reviews of hotels and restaurants, the new TripAdvisor allows members to also create and share new forms of content including photos, videos and articles. It’s essentially going to be like Facebook, but with a much stronger focus on travel.

With nearly half a billion unique visitors every month, TripAdvisor has one of the most high-intent travel audiences in the world. More than 500 influencers, well-known brands, and publishers – including National Geographic and Condé Nast Traveller – have already joined the new TripAdvisor, with more being added every day. You can also find us here.

Members now have the ability to follow others they trust, seeing reviews and ratings of hotels, experiences and restaurants as they use the site.

One of the other major changes, and the one we’re most excited about, is the ability to create custom “Trips,” which can be in-depth travel guides, itineraries or simple wish lists of things to do while travelling. Trips can be made private and saved for personal use or shared with the community to inspire and help others.

The team behind the major revamp say it’s about inspiring and helping travellers find relevant info through the whole planning process. When searching a destination, the feed automatically narrows the scope of the information displayed to that particular location.

For example, if you’re feeling like spending a little time in the city of love, you may see a food critic’s article on the best restaurant in Paris, an influencer’s travel guide of “must-do’s in the city, and a friend’s review of that cute little hotel they found near the Eiffel Tower.

Steve Kaufer, TripAdvisor CEO, introduces new travel feed

“We’re very excited to be changing travel yet again. Just as you have your go-to site or app for music and shopping, we are making sure TripAdvisor is now your go-to resource for travel,” said Stephen Kaufer, president and CEO, TripAdvisor.

“The new TripAdvisor provides its members with great content from the people, brands and influencers they rely on for travel and in-destination advice before and during their trip. With the introduction of new voices to TripAdvisor, travellers can better plan their trips by easily finding their ideal hotel, experience or restaurant.”

With support for 28 languages, the new site and app experience is now available to TripAdvisor members worldwide. Travellers who are new to TripAdvisor will have to create a free account to begin accessing the latest experience.

Are you excited for the new TripAdvisor?

Written by
Chris Ashton

We're Chris Ashton and Simon Ceglinski, two Aussie travellers with a love of exploration and adventure, and the odd bit of luxury thrown in. We seek out street art, street food, and scuba diving wherever we go, and prefer the road less travelled over well-worn tourist paths.

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Written by Chris Ashton