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Sekizenkan Ryokan, Shima Onsen, Japan

Five Real Places That Inspired Studio Ghibli

I love Studio Ghibli. The first time I discovered them was at a Japanese film festival in my hometown. That film was the enchanting Spirited Away and it instantly captured my imagination. I went to track down some of...

Eki-ben, a quintessential Japanese experience. Supplied.

Eki-Ben: The Fastest Food in Japan

I’ve been to a lot of countries, but there’s one I keep getting drawn back to: Japan: For me, it offers the ultimate combination of natural beauty, history, culture, style and adventure. It’s also hands down my...

Nineteen at The Star. Credit: The Star

Four Great Rooftop Bars on the Gold Coast

Let’s face it, cocktails are always better when there’s a view involved. Whether it’s at the top of a beachfront hotel or just a level above the ground so you can enjoy a bit of people watching, there’s a high...

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