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Byte Size Travel News: 25th Sept 15

From a new arrival on the Sydney hotel scene to a herd of elephants unleashed on the streets of Bangkok, here are some of the stories you need to know this week. 

Byte Size Travel: 9th Aug 15

There’s so much happening in the world of travel at the moment I thought I’d start a weekly whip around of what’s on, what’s new, and what needs to be on your radar. Here’s the first of what (hopefully) will become a weekly affair. 

P&O Pacific Eden fly-through

P&O Cruises have released a fly-through inside their new Pacific Eden and Pacific Aria cruise ships, both set to launch at a star-studded ceremony in Sydney this November. 

Salt grill a recipe for success

For many cruise fans, cruising is about discovering new places, meeting new people, and wishing the crew would let you replicate that scene from Titanic at the bow of the ship… but for everyone else, it’s pretty much entirely about the food. Last...

Setting sail on the ms Oosterdam

Cruising is a curious beast. Hailed almost as often as it is derided, it’s long been seen as the holiday of choice for retirees spending their kids’ inheritance, or those who prefer to experience the world without really stepping outside of their...

ms Oosterdam viewed from Lifou, New Caledonia

Five reasons to take a cruise

Australians have taken to cruising like ducks to water. They're cheap, convenient, and usually deliver just the right amount of adventure. If you’re still on the fence about climbing aboard the Love Boat, here are five reasons why a...