Higher Order, a new dining event from Chef Scott Pickett. Supplied.
Higher Order, a new dining event from Chef Scott Pickett. Supplied.

BETA: Melbourne’s New Immersive Event Series

Melbourne is renowned for its phenomenal events calendar. Beyond the footy matches, it runs the gamut from mouth-watering food and wine festivals to West End stage shows and visiting exhibitions featuring some of the world’s most important artists. And it looks like there’s another new reason to get yourself to Melbourne – BETA by STH BNK.

Over the next six months, BETA by STH BNK will transform Beulah’s Hannover House inside and out with an immerse series of events that bring together celebrated artists, creatives, international brands, and some country’s hottest chefs – plus a whole lot more.

BETA is designed as a taster of what to expect from Beulah’s $2 billion plus development project, STH BNK By Beulah. A project of unprecedented scale (which you can read about here), STH BNK By Beulah is set to become Australia’s tallest building (and bring nature back to the urban jungle with the world’s tallest vertical garden)

Beulah Executive Director Adelene Teh said BETA is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the wealth of talent, creativity and culture that is synonymous with Melbourne. Spanning three floors of Hannover House, once one of the city’s tallest buildings, it will feature an ingenious, flexible fit-out by SIBLING Architecture that emphasises reused and repurposed objects and materials wherever possible.

Sensory Underground by Loose Collective. Supplied.

The Lobby will contain experimental retail stores from sustainable fashion brands that focus on the circular economy, turning waste into want, while The Makers House on Level 4 will house an innovative studio uniting retail brands with artisans. A neighbouring gallery will feed guests’ appetite for knowledge and upskilling with a curated line-up of events.

The Attic on Level 5 will be a space for technology, art, food, music and lifestyle. One of the first events announced for the floor is Higher Order, an immersive gastronomic adventure from chef and restaurateur Scott Pickett (of Chancery Lane, Longrain, and Matilda fame).

Chef Scott Pickett. Supplied.
Chef Scott Pickett. Supplied.

Described as a “glorious collision of dining, futuristic design and theatrical performance”, diners will be treated to a multi-sensory dining experience that merges scent, sound and taste. What exactly does that mean? You’ll have to visit to find out. However, based on Chef Pickett’s glowing past track record, it’s sure to be an experience you will not want to miss.

Produced in partnership with Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Higher Order will be held in The Attic on Level 5 from Wednesday to Sunday from August 20 to September 12. There will be a choice of two 90-minute sessions per evening. Tickets start at $145 per person.

For more information on Higher Order and BETA, visit BETA.STHBNK.COM

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Written by Chris Ashton