How to Maximise Your Annual Leave This Year

I really wish I didn’t have to take a holiday this year, said no one ever.

If you’re like us, you’ll be trying to take advantage of every day and public holiday you can to spend more time travelling this year. Rather than whipping out the calendar yourself, online travel insurance provider InsureandGo has done the leg work for you.

With Easter and Anzac Day so close together, they say you can get 17 days off while only using seven days of annual leave (if they take off Friday 14 April until Friday 28 April).

After the Easter break, the best dates to travel are:

· For New South Wales residents: Saturday 3 June until Monday 12 June (Queen’s Birthday) – take four days of annual leave and get 10 days off.

· For Victorian residents: Saturday 4 November until Tuesday 6 November (Melbourne Cup Day) – take one day of annual leave and get four days off.

· For Brisbane residents: Saturday 12 August until Sunday 20 August (Ekka Day) – take four days of annual leave and get nine days off.

· For ACT residents: Saturday 23 September until Monday 2 October (Family and Community Day and Labour Day) – take four days of annual leave and get 10 days off.

Jonathan Etkind, Commercial Manager of InsureandGo said: “Public holidays come around very quickly, and it’s easy to miss out on booking in a trip if you leave it too late. With the Easter holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start locking in your travel plans.” 

Before booking any type of international or domestic getaway, Mr Etkind recommends you do their research and consider a travel insurance policy that best suits their needs. 

Keep in mind that different states have different public holidays, because you may even be able to squeeze an extra couple of days here and there depending on which state you live in.

Written by
Chris Ashton

We're Chris Ashton and Simon Ceglinski, two Aussie travellers with a love of exploration and adventure, and the odd bit of luxury thrown in. We seek out street art, street food, and scuba diving wherever we go, and prefer the road less travelled over well-worn tourist paths.

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Written by Chris Ashton