Aerial view of Karma Residence Normandy. Supplied.
Aerial view of Karma Residence Normandy. Supplied.

Luxury French Hotel Opens its Doors to Ukrainian Refugees

In response to the humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold in Ukraine, luxury resort company Karma Group has introduced a program that will see it one of its premium hotels transform into temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees.

Launching in France’s Normandy region, the campaign – dubbed Karma Refuge – will see the Karma Résidence Normande turned into a temporary shelter for those in need. More than just a bed, it will also provide food, activities and even French language tutorials.

John Spence, founder of Karma Group, says “We have plans to populate it with people fleeing desperate conditions in Ukraine. Mainly women and children, these people have had to long journeys in freezing temperatures for nine, ten hours at a time just to cross the border.

“Karma won’t just be somewhere to sleep, but we will also provide all food, we have full hotel staff, and all facilities free to use. Children will be given a range of activities, while parents will be given a chance to learn English and French and will set up a Ukrainian kitchen.”

The luxury resort group has multiple properties throughout the globe, including Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, as well as a large footprint in Southeast Asia.

As for how refugees will gain access to Normandy, Spence already has a plan of action.

“To get them there, we have a manager based in Warsaw and will be using the assistance of local agents to identify those in need. They will then have a fleet of coaches to get them through to France,” he says.

This is reportedly the first time that a hotel company has done this, and Spence hopes that Karma Group won’t be the only global company involved.

“Once successful my plan is to promote Karma Refuge, find other hoteliers who are willing to take it on, or private individuals who are happy to become a part of this humanitarian channel and bring people from Ukraine into a safe shelter in Europe.”

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Chris Ashton

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Written by Chris Ashton