The Heart of Voh. Credit: Surgar Photographie / Supplied
The Heart of Voh. Credit: Surgar Photographie / Supplied

Around the World in Eight Virtual Tours

Phileas Fogg may have travelled around the world in eighty days in the Jules Verne’s classic novel, but you can do it a lot quicker thanks to virtual reality. Until the day comes when we can once again take to the skies in search of untold wonders, this is the next best thing.

From the USA to New Caledonia, Sweden and beyond, the world is just a click away.

1. Visit Niagara Falls – without getting your hair wet!

New York State’s natural landscapes are the jewel in its crown, and few are more iconic than thundering Niagara Falls and its surrounding state park. Immortalised in films such as Niagara with Marilyn Monroe, the power of this natural wonder is awe-inspiring in person.

Until the global borders open up again, this 360-degree VR experience is the next best thing. It offers an up close view of the Falls, the famed Maid of the Mist boat visit, the Cave of the Winds (which takes visitors within metres of the crashing Falls) and a helicopter ride over the Falls – all without getting your hair wet! Even if you don’t have VR goggles at home, you can still enjoy a look around by clicking and turning the video with your mouse.

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2. Witness the beauty of New Caledonia from above

New Caledonia is renowned for its natural beauty – the serene islands and lush mountain ranges, the turquoise waters brimming with spectacular marine life. Yet, there’s one sight which eclipses almost all others – the Heart of Voh. This natural heart-shaped formation in the north-eastern mangroves of Grand Terre is truly incredible. You can experience it and some of New Caledonia’s other wonders on this 360-degree chopper ride.

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3. See the Northern Lights of Swedish Lapland

There are few things more magical than the northern lights. This captivating phenomenon is highly weather dependant, and there’s no guarantee you’ll actually get to see the lights after travelling halfway around the world. But, thanks to the power of the internet (and a very talented photographer) you can witness it on demand from the comfort of home.  

This time lapse within the Abisko National Park of Swedish Lapland will leave you spellbound, with ice hotels, husky rides and so much more!

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4. Go wildlife spotting with Bench Africa

Elephants roaming the savannah, fleeting glimpses of gorillas stalking the undergrowth, the spray of thundering waterfalls filling the air… Africa holds a powerful mystique. Bench Africa have been showcasing the diverse beauty of the continent since 1969, with their guided tours taking you to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, the ancient sites of Egypt, the luxury rail lines of South Africa and beyond. This VR tour is just a taste of what you can discover.

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5. Stroll among the vintage signs of Las Vegas

The former City of Sin has reinvented itself in recent years as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’. It’s seen the likes of Britney Spears and J.Lo lighting up the strip with residencies, together with a huge range of stage spectaculars and its hotels becoming more like theme parks for adults. There’s so much more to see and do than just gambling.

There are plenty of virtual apps allowing you to experience the best of this city from home, but our pick is the quirky Neon Museum – where you can see the old neon signs of the Strip. The experience is complete with audio commentary, photos, plus highlights of Tim Burton’s exhibit, Lost Vegas. Visit and use the password NEON to explore.

The old signs of Vegas are still shining bright. Credit: The Neon Museum / Supplied.
The old signs of Vegas are still shining bright. Credit: The Neon Museum / Supplied.

6. Discover the wilds of Patagonia

A sparsely populated region at the southern end of South America, shared by Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is staggeringly beautiful. The Guardian knows this well, that’s why they put this sensational 360-degree VR experience together. If you like your mountain peaks snow-capped and rugged, your grasslands vast and filled with animals, you’re in luck.

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7. Enjoy a ‘Drone’s Eye View’ of Raja Ampat Islands

Once you’ve experienced the beach bars and monkey temples of Bali, this is the Indonesia you need to discover. A scuba divers’ dream come true, the Raja Ampat Islands in the far east of the country is a wonderland of jungle-clad islands, dazzling coral reefs, and barefoot luxury resorts. This fly-through offers a taste of the incredible beauty that awaits here.

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8. Step back in time at the Alamo in Texas

You’ve heard the name, but you may not know the full story around this historic site. Located in downtown San Antonio, the Alamo was founded as the city’s first mission in 1718, serving as a way station between east Texas and Mexico. In 1836, decades after the mission had closed, the Alamo became an inspiration and a motivation for liberty during the Texas Revolution. You can now virtually explore the 4.2-acre complex, including the beautiful grounds and hidden chambers throughout. Visit

The Alamo. Supplied.

Know any other virtual tours worth checking out? Let us know below.

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