Beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo: Chris Ashton
Beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo: Chris Ashton

Top Five Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city in one of the world’s most stunning locations… but I would never live there. I don’t have anything against it, it’s just I don’t want to become immune. I want to feel like a tourist every time I visit. To always see everything with fresh eyes.

Each time I revisit Sydney it feels like catching up with an old friend. Though I usually only stop off for a weekend, I try to pack as much as I can into the experience. It’s a chance for me to catch up with friends and family, test out new restaurants, and explore the streets.

When in Sydney, these are my usual top five things to do:

1. Wander through The Rocks 

I’m always drawn to The Rocks. Maybe I lived there in a past life, who knows. Hopping off the train at Circular Quay, I head up past the cruise terminal to historic Rocks precinct. Here there are plenty of cool bars and cafes, my favourite being Lowenbrau Keller – a German bierhaus. Try the pork knuckle.

2. Catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly

This is seriously the best way to see Sydney Harbour. Along the way you can check out famous sights like the Sydney Opera House, Fort Denison and Kirribilli House, but pretty much anywhere you look there will be something interesting to see. Sit at the front/back of the ferry for the best view.

3. Have breakfast at Glass

I love to food – that’s probably why most of my must-do’s revolve around it. If you’re looking for a breakfast that will knock your socks off, Glass at Hilton Sydney is the place. The buffet is ridiculously good – there’s every kind of breakfast treat you could possibly crave. And the restaurant itself is pretty Instagram-worthy too.

4. Grab some dumplings for lunch (and dinner)

I’m also ever so slightly obsessed with dumplings. Luckily Sydney has some really good options. The dim sum selection at Mr Wong (from chef Dan Hong) is incredible, though China Lane’s offerings come a close second. Walking through the colourful streets of Chinatown is always a treat too. The delicious aromas wafting from the restaurants always have the ability to lure me in like a siren song.

5. Walk til I can walk no more 

The public transport system in Sydney is brilliant, but nothing beats old fashioned foot power. No matter which city I visit, you’ll find me exploring from sun up til sun down. There are so many streets, lanes, arcades, and department stores to explore, even if you have no intention of buying anything. If you’re in desperate need of a pit stop, people watching in Hyde Park is always a good option.

Are there any cities that make you feel the same?

Written by
Chris Ashton

We're Chris Ashton and Simon Ceglinski, two Aussie travellers with a love of exploration and adventure, and the odd bit of luxury thrown in. We seek out street art, street food, and scuba diving wherever we go, and prefer the road less travelled over well-worn tourist paths.

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Written by Chris Ashton