737 Max. Source: Boeing.

Boeing 737 Max completes maiden flight

Leading aircraft manufacturer Boeing has taken their design and innovation to new heights with their brand new 737 Max completing its maiden flight.

Not even wet weather could deter crowds who gathered at Boeing’s Renton, Washington factory to watch the new aircraft take to the sky last Friday.

737 Max Program GM Kevin Leverhuhn says Boeing has a terrific product on its hands, and predicts it will be the preferred aircraft in the market.

It’s a lofty claim, but given the past track record of the 737 it’s not that far-fetched. The 737 Max is the next-gen incarnation in the hugely successfully 737, which has sold more than 13,000 aircraft since it’s launch in 1965.

Key features of the Max include new engines, new winglets, and shiny new flight deck displays, all adding to the fuel efficiency and reliability of the aircraft. Reduced fuel use make it an attractive buy for airlines.

The Boeing 737 Max's redesigned winglet. Source: Boeing
The Boeing 737 Max’s redesigned winglet. Source: Boeing

So far Boeing has received more than 2,800 orders for the Max, building upon its legacy as the best-selling aircraft in commercial aviation history.

American Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Virgin Australia, and Turkish Airlines are just a handful of the many airlines undergoing the Emergency Procedures training for these planes and  set to receive the new model.

Watch the maiden flight below:

Visit boeing.com/commercial/737max for more info.


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Written by Chris Ashton