Boeing Reveals Patent For Upright Sleeper

I can’t sleep on planes. I’ve tried sleeping with my head against the seat in front, sprawled out on my tray table, leaning on the passenger beside me… but unless the sleep gods are smiling on me that day, it doesn’t happen. I can never seem to find that perfect position that lets me get more than an hour of intermittent shuteye.

It would seem the engineers at Boeing feel my pain, and that of countless travellers, and have been thinking of ways to make sleeping on a plane a little bit easier.

Enter the upright sleep support system.

Source: Youtube/Patent Yogi
Source: Youtube/Patent Yogi

Boeing recently issued a patent for a “Transport Vehicle Upright Sleep Support System”, which is long name for a ridiculous-looking device, even if it does have the lofty goal of solving our sleeping issues for good. Could it be the answer to our mile high problem?

It appears to be a backpack-size device strapped to the seat-back in front. In a nutshell, it’s designed to let passengers lean forward and rest their face and chest on it. It doesn’t look that comfortable, but after the sleepless flights I’ve had I’m willing to give it a shot.

Source: Youtube/Patent Yogi
Source: Youtube/Patent Yogi

The patent reveals the sleep support will have a “face relief aperture” for you to poke your eyes, nose, mouth and chin through, meaning you’ll still be able to breath normally while you sleep. It’s yet-to-be-announced if there’s a drool catcher attachment.   

Boeing claims that the new system would be a better alternative to the neck pillow that people currently use. Take a look at this Youtube video for a proper explanation:

Personally I think this might end up in the same storage bin as the ostrich pillow. I like the idea, but it would be… interesting to see in a tight fit economy class. But, who knows, it could just sell like hotcakes! Only time will tell if the device comes to fruition.

Would you use the upright sleeper? 

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Chris Ashton

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Written by Chris Ashton