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Byte Size Travel: 9th Aug 15

There’s so much happening in the world of travel at the moment I thought I’d start a weekly whip around of what’s on, what’s new, and what needs to be on your radar. Here’s the first of what (hopefully) will become a...

P&O Pacific Eden fly-through

P&O Cruises have released a fly-through inside their new Pacific Eden and Pacific Aria cruise ships, both set to launch at a star-studded ceremony in Sydney this November. 

Image: Destination Brisbane Consortium 2014

Big changes coming to Brisbane

Brisbane, the city affectionately known as Brisvegas, is set to undergo a massive transformation following the approval of a multi billion dollar development for the city’s riverside.

Boeing Reveals Patent For Upright Sleeper

I can’t sleep on planes. I’ve tried sleeping with my head against the seat in front, sprawled out on my tray table, leaning on the passenger beside me… but unless the sleep gods are smiling on me that day, it doesn’t...

Is the Selfie Stick Dangerous?

Selfie sticks have spread like wildfire. Your have one, your aunt has one, even US President Barack Obama has one… but are they dangerous? Maybe. The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra has just announced a ban...

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